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Why choose Empower Leadership?

By teaching youth to lead themselves and others, Empower Leadership will provide your group or team with:

  • The self-confidence to stand up and express their opinions.
  • The ability to muster the courage to choose right over wrong.
  • The empathy to help those who can’t help themselves.
  • The tools to fulfill their own potential and help other do the same.
  • The skills to lead oneself through challenge, adversity, fear and temptation.

Go as far as you can, plus one more step.

Sometimes, all it takes is a single step out of your comfort zone together to elevate as a group.  With youth leadership training programs, students learn what it means to muster courage and overcome obstacles while supporting their team.

They gain self-confidence to stand up and express their opinions, learn skills to triumph over adversity and challenge, and gain the skills to fulfill their potential and help others do the same.

Understanding that each group has different needs, we will work to customize your program to accomplish your unique goals and objectives


Contact us for more information about the types of programs we can custom build for your group, how we use adventure to facilitate leadership development, and our different pricing options.




with our popular Zip Line Adventure


Our most popular, 5-star rated adventure.


with our Power Pack Zip Line Adventure


Challenge yourself to get to the top!


Ground-Based Team Building


Let our leadership experts come to you.


SOAR is the number one choice for adventure youth leadership development in the Tampa Bay area!  With SOAR, you will elevate your group, fortify relationships and raise the bar for positive energy and encouragement!  What team wouldn’t want this?

The SOAR package combines our full Zip Line Adventure overlooking Tampa Bay and leadership development activities.  Our signature adventure is a guided trek on over 3,000′ of zip lines, numerous aerial obstacles, the epic 200′ suspension bridge, and an exhilarating auto rappel to finish.

On the ground, either before or after the Zip Line Adventure, the Empower Leadership team will facilitate our EMERGE ground-based team building experience.  These customized activities (large puzzle-like mind-benders, collaborative exercises, and problem-solving experiences) are designed to challenge your group to overcome failure and adversity and ultimately embrace a fearless pursuit of success.

It is in this process of “engaging, failing, learning, succeeding” that our leadership experts will encourage your team to resist the urge to be negative when adversity strikes, prompt your participants to create momentum with subtle acts of leadership and encourage the group to truly collaborate to find the best solution.  We are guessing you won’t need much coaching when it comes to celebrating your success – and you will succeed if you commit to the Empower process.

SOAR requires approximately 4 hours.




For groups with limited time, we’ve created the SOAR with Zip Line Power Pack.  This adventure team building option is similar to our SOAR but with a shortened zip line and EMERGE experience.  Rather than being a full 4 hours, we’ve condensed the experience down to about 2.5 hours.

The Zip Line Power Pack consists of Empower’s two longest zip lines traversing you over the water preserves of Mobbly Bayou, which are both connected to the 200′ suspension bridge.  The Zip Line Power Pack concludes with the auto rappel off our 30′ platform to the ground.

SOAR with Power Pack requires approximately 2.5 hours.



EMERGE is a series of ground-based, teaming up activities delivered by an Empower Leadership facilitator to achieve specific outcomes. We use concepts derived from Stephen Covey’s Emotional Bank Account, Bruce Tuckman’s Stages of Team Development, Simon Sinek’s culture-building theories and more.


By pairing these leadership development models with own unique adventure activities, our facilitators are able to appropriately challenge groups to engage with each other in these activities.  It is in these activities that groups will travel through the team building spectrum of experiencing failure, learning from that failure and then applying the lessons learned to find success.  It is this process that will bring your team together, help to improve your culture (what is normal!) and potentially change the way you do business back in the office.

Our hope is that the lessons learned and energy derived from WINNING at Empower will give your group the confidence to try new and different techniques for Level I Leadership in their lives.

EMERGE is a customizable offering that is normally combined with a high adventure such as the Zip Line Adventure, Power Pack or Leap of Faith.

Time required varies by package.



Using the Zip Line Adventure as a youth leadership development tool is what Empower Leadership set out to do 10 years ago and it continues to be a fan favorite!

Choosing this guided 2.5-hour excursion overlooking Tampa Bay is always a popular choice among group participants!  However, there is always a range of eagerness in groups.  Some are gung-ho and ready to go, others are apprehensive and timid.

The Zip Line Adventure is meant to be an empowering experience that brings everyone together to overcome a common challenge.  Using the encouragement and support of each member of the group, everyone transforms together; meaning everyone experiences the benefit of facing challenges, overcoming fears, mustering up their courage and in the end feeling the satisfaction of succeeding and winning together.  Make no mistake, the Zip Line Adventure is FUN, but it also so much more.  We assure you that by overcoming the adversity of this challenge and fear of heights as a group, this experience will take your team to higher levels of trust and belief in one another!



If you are wishing to dig a bit deeper, see your group excel as they truly step outside of their comfort zone to conquer the LEAP OF FAITH.  This challenge will take each participant to the top of the obstacle – over 25′ – through a solo climb and the final leap, with your eye on the ball, and auto rappel free fall.

The LEAP OF FAITH challenge is an extension of our aerial obstacle course and can be added to any adventure, or as a standalone mini-adventure.



Throughout the year, Empower Adventures features a number of different motivational speakers for our youth leadership programs. Contact our office at (813) 448-5635 for more information.

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