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Empower Mission

Our Mission Is To Empower Individuals and Teams Through Adventure Experiences.


1. We seek to improve the way individuals and teams lead themselves through challenge, adversity, fear and temptation

2. We seek to inspire and motivate individuals to step outside of their comfort zones into their “stretch” zone – this is where greatness is born and a sense of purpose is discovered.

3. We seek to provide moments of triumph, victory and accomplishment that results in an unstoppable force of momentum towards further achievement and confidence in oneself to overcome any obstacle.


Our zip line course gives you the best opportunity to go out on a limb and find out how strong you truly are. In our experiences, we put you in situations that might frighten you at first, but you have all the support from our team you need to complete any challenges we ask of you. When you complete challenges and face fears in scenarios where you have nothing to lose, you gain an edge. You gain a belief in yourself that transforms your life into what is possible versus what is limiting. We hope you will leave our facility feeling energized and inspired and EMPOWERED!

Meet Our Team

Joe Dering headshot

President & Founder

Joe is a true American hero. Having served multiple tours of duty in Iraq and Afghanistan, Joe returned from service seeking to use his leadership skills in a way that would allow him to contribute to society. Partnering with advisors Dev Pathik and Jason Clement, Joe developed Empower Leadership Sports in Middletown, Connecticut. Later, the team created Empower Adventures in Tampa Bay. The center and Joe’s incredible personal journey from battlefield to inspirational adventure operator has now been featured on CNN, FOX, and numerous other media outlets across the U.S.

Dave Pathik headshot


Dev has owned, operated, and overseen the opening of more than 40 challenge courses, zip line courses, and adventure based operations, and his consulting and management companies have directed the planning and management of hundreds of community-based recreation and sports complexes in locations around the world. Dev has led adventure expeditions in the Amazon, Vietnam, Patagonia, the American West, Thailand and numerous other locations. Dev brought the excitement from his adventures to the courses at Empower Adventures Tampa Bay.

Jason Clement headshot


Jason is a licensed architect and a nationally recognized sports facility finance and management expert. His consulting and management companies have directed the planning and management of hundreds of community-based recreation and sports complexes in locations around the world. Jason is a driven endurance athlete who has competed in a wide range of obstacle road races and triathlons. His extensive travels have led him to Africa, Europe, Latin America, and numerous other locations. Jason’s thrill for excitement makes him a dedicated member of the Empower Adventures team..

Job Opportunities

If you love empowering and encouraging people and you have strong leadership skills, then you will love working at the Empower Adventures zip line course in Tampa Bay, Florida. You will join a close-knit team that loves working with diverse groups of people. The best part about the job: you will have a lot of fun, and you will gain valuable experience. At Empower Adventures, we are experts in leadership training, and we will impart that knowledge on you. Let’s take a look at some of our beliefs, so you can see if you think of yourself as a good fit.


We believe in empowering and strengthening people through experiential learning. We ask groups and individuals to step outside of their comfort zones for a brief moment in time, and this often results in substantial changes. People leave Empower Adventures feeling charged with a can-do attitude and brimming with confidence. If you love instilling confidence and belief in people, then you share our most important belief.

Diversity and Uniqueness Matters
Our zip line course doesn’t care who you are. It takes you from one tower to the next, regardless of what you look like or what you believe in. Our employees are the same. We see the inner leader in everyone, and we cultivate those leaderships and individuality in each of our guests. This can be as simple as encouraging them or as complex as designing team building exercises based on their group’s needs. At the end of the day, however, we believe that all people bring unique experiences to the table that are worth hearing.

Joy Bonds People Together
Many of our clients come from a corporate setting, and they expect Empower Adventures to turn their office of individuals into a cohesive group. Part of the reason we do this so successfully is because we bring joy to our clients. When they have fun and lower their guards, they begin to form relationships that will encourage efficiency and productivity. We are the ones who cultivate that fun atmosphere. If you believe in spreading joy at your job, then you might be right for Empower Adventures.

Learn some key skills along the way by:

  • Guiding and facilitating “empowering experiences” for leisure zip line tours and other adventures.
  • Leading groups through experience-based team building programs.
  • Learning technical skills of the zip line canopy tour industry.
  • Working in an outdoor setting with a diverse clientele including corporations, non-profit organizations, government agencies, schools, universities, and other community groups.
Zip Line Adventure Guide
  • Accepting Applications
  • Location: Oldsmar, FL
  • Full-time and part-time positions available
  • Contact us for current opportunities!
Team Building Facilitator
  • Accepting Applications
  • Location: Oldsmar, FL
  • Part-time positions available

Contact Us

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