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Anonymous Team Assessment Survey -
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Whether you are a sports team or work colleagues, joining an adventure team building program at Empower Adventures is a sure way to bond and grow. Before you begin your adventure, it is important to figure out where your team needs improvement. In the weeks leading up to your team building program, an Empower Adventures Administrator will ask your team members to take an anonymous survey. In the survey, sent via digital link, each one of your team members will assess your team’s strengths and weaknesses to help you grow as a team.  

Assess Your Team

When you take Empower Adventure’s team assessment survey, you answer many questions about your team’s performance. On a scale from one to five, you assess your team’s communication skills, trust levels, accountability, and more. If you are nervous to answer these questions, bear in mind that the survey is completely anonymous. The purpose of the survey is to improve your team, so don’t be afraid to be honest. By truthfully assessing your team, you can get the most out our your team building program.

After the Survey

After you take your anonymous survey, the results are tallied, evaluated, and compiled at Empower Adventures. Reviewing your results allows us to cater your team building program specifically to your team’s needs. When you arrive at Empower Adventures for your team building program, we present the results of the survey to your team so you have a better idea of your team strengths and weaknesses. If specified, we will only share your results with your team leader.  

Benefits of the Survey

When you take the anonymous survey, your team is assessed by an independent third party. This allows you to see your team from an outside perspective, giving your new insights into your team’s performance and where you need to work. Additionally, the survey also allows Empower Adventures to cater your team building program specifically to your needs. When it comes to team building programs, one size does not fit all. Because of every team is different, we take the time to plan and structure your team building program to fit your team’s needs.


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At Empower Adventures in Tampa Florida, we hope to help every team reach their full potential. Through our exciting tree top adventures, zip line courses, and paddleboat tours, we put your team in exciting and physically demanding situations that facilitate bonding and team growth. To learn more about our team building programs, contact Empower Adventures today!


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