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Empower Adventures Leadership
Reaction Course

Empower Adventures in Tampa Bay, FL is all about helping people conquer the fear, anxiety, and excitement that comes with trying new things that lie outside of their comfort zone. We want our participants to learn to live in the excitement that comes with careening out into new territory on our zip line course.

But we don’t want that empowerment to remain on the grounds of our aerial adventure park, zip line course, and paddleboard tour. That’s why we offer the Leadership Reaction Course. This course is specially-designed to accelerate budding leaders into their new roles, so they can lead anywhere, anytime.

Read on to learn how the Empower Adventures Leadership Reaction Course works and what it can offer you.

Learn leadership on a Canopy Adventure
zip line tour

The Leadership Reaction Course offered at the Empower Adventures zip line course is a customized program. Participants are placed into specific leadership positions and prompted to find creative and ingenuitive ways of handling problems. Empower Adventures offers them a task, and it is their job to make a plan and communicate that plan to their team. While this may seem simple, it is also a situation into which not many youth are placed on a daily basis. That’s why the Leadership Reaction Course is offered as a part of our youth leadership development lineup.

Designated leaders will delegate tasks to specific members of the group. As the group works to complete the task per their leader’s order, the leader will oversee, anticipate, and correct issues along the way, ultimately completing the plan.

Why learning leadership is important

Especially for our younger participants, the leadership course offers a safe, simulated environment for dealing with complex tasks. Beyond pushing participants outside their limits with our zip line course, aerial adventure park, and paddleboard tours, we also ask them to push the limits of their problem-solving abilities. Because the whole course is overseen by our trained staff, the overall anxiety of the tasks is reduced, allowing leaders to develop creative solutions in a controlled setting.

Let Empower Adventures empower you

Empower Adventures believes in your abilities. Give us the chance to show you just how confident you can become when you guide others through complex tasks on our challenging but fun and safe zip line course in a beautiful environment. Our staff is trained to empower you to be the best you can. For more information on our Leadership Reaction Course, give us a call at (813) 448-5635 or contact us online. Either way, we hope to hear from you!

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