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At Empower Adventures in Tampa Bay, we decided to combine two of the best things in life in one package. Now you can follow up the excitement of zip lining with a cool, refreshing draft beer. Before we go on, however, we need to make something clear. We will zip line across Tampa Bay’s Mobbly Bayou Preserve first, then we will drink beer. The Empower Adventures team loves a good time as much as anybody else, but we understand the importance of safety. Now that we’ve got that out of the way, let’s talk about what you can expect when you show up for an afternoon of Empower Adventures Zip & Sip.


An Empower Adventures guided eco zip line tour

Nobody offers a glimpse of Tampa Bay and western Florida wildlife quite like Empower Adventures. The Mobbly Bayou Preserve is home to diverse plant life, both coastal and upland, and many birds and other animals indigenous to this region. The area spans nearly 400 acres, and Empower Adventures in Tampa Bay gives you a unique view of this untouched land with our tree top adventure.

5 Different Zip Lines

Our zip lines span a little less than one-half of a mile. As you zip from tree top to tree top in our canopy tours, you get to see a good-sized portion of the preserve and hopefully get to spot a few animals along the way. The longest zip line in our park stretches 650 feet. You will definitely feel the exhilaration of high speeds these zip lines give you as you soar over the treetops.


Empowerment, encouragement, & celebration

We aim to not only excite and give opportunities for exploration but to also empower our guests to try new things and grow in confidence. Once you complete our zip line in Florida, you will feel more confident in your ability to face your fear and overcome your worry. Many people find themselves more secure in their abilities after their adventure. What better way to celebrate this new confidence and empowerment than with a crisp local brew? Our beer comes straight from the tap, so you know it’s great. Sipping beer and sharing the excitement of our zip lines with your friends will only add another positive layer to your time, ensuring even more positive connotations with your empowerment. Beers start at $15 a pint, but you get the second pint for only an additional $5.

Give Empower Adventures Tampa Bay a call

Don’t forget to reserve a spot on our Zip & Sip tree top adventure. We get pretty busy, so we ask that you call (813) 448-5635 or contact Empower Adventures online for a reservation. We look forward to seeing you and helping you enjoy your adventure.

Top off your Zip Line Adventure with a refreshing draft beer!

Purchase souvenir pint glasses at Empower Adventures Tampa Bay following your zip tour.

Pricing:  Pint glass are 1 for $15 and 2 for $20.

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