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Partners in Success

Strategic planning with Collaborative Labs (SPC) combined with a guided eco zip line tour and team building

The Partners in Success program has been designed by Empower Adventures in tandem with Collaborative Labs from St. Petersburg College. These two organizations share similar goals of building team cohesion through empowered leadership and thoughtful cooperation among leaders and team members to accomplish complex, problem-solving tasks. What makes the Partners in Success program so fun and unique is that it gives participants two distinct team building settings–one which is based on using collaborative technology, and the other which uses adventure-based team building and experiential learning to bring teams together.

What to expect

The Partners in Success program is a day-long program. The day begins at the Collaborative Labs location in Clearwater,
where its large meeting space is equipped for seating groups of all sizes. The Collaborative Labs staff – which is comprised of expert facilitators, tech support members, documenters, and business illustrators – will lead the group through workshops and smaller breakout sessions in order to develop an actionable plan using a full suite of collaborative technology that will produce tangible results.

After a break for lunch, participants will begin the second part of the Partners in Success Program at Empower Adventures Tampa Bay in Oldsmar, FL. This portion of the program is customizable based on each group of participant’s needs. Activities could range from the zip line course to the aerial adventure park, the paddleboard tours, or other adventure-based team building exercises.

How it works

By presenting participants with challenging tasks and obstacles, the Partners in Success Program requires participants to exercise their creative problem-solving capacities alongside one another. This means they’ll have to engage in collaborative work with their leaders and peers, testing their abilities to communicate, negotiate, listen, compromise, and respond. The portion of the program which takes place at Empower Adventures will provide the groups with thrilling and heart-rate boosting shared experiences, which are shown to bring teams closer together. Your group will be talking about the bonding moments it shared through the Partners in Success program around the water cooler for weeks and weeks to come.

Collaborative Labs and Empower Adventures:
Partners empowering your organization

The Partners in Success program is perfect for organizations seeking to take their team to a higher level of cohesion. It takes the precision, collaborative problem-solving techniques developed by Collaborative Labs and pairs it with the unique, exciting, adventure-based team building offered by Empower Adventures. This pairing is sure to bring your team closer together, yielding results that you’ll see for a long time afterward.

To set your team up for success, give the Partners in Success program a try.

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