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At Empower Adventures in Tampa Bay, Florida, it is our job to give you a fantastic time while also empowering you and building your confidence. We specialize in tree top adventures, and you can get all the thrills you need on our canopy tours and zip line courses. If you aren’t entirely sure that our zip line tree top adventure is right for you, check out our videos above. They will give you a sense of what you might experience while soaring above and through the trees of Tampa Bay’s beautiful Mobbly Bayou Wilderness Preserve.

Don't be scared

Or rather confront the thing that scares you. Conquering your fear in a controlled and safe environment can give you enormous confidence. At Empower Adventures, we set our tree top adventure in front of you and give you the opportunity to conquer it. When you commit to controlling and moving beyond your fears of the height and speed, you will find inner strength in real world situations. Sometimes it just takes the commitment to click in and step off the ledge before we can see everything we are capable of. Watch a few videos above to gain a better understanding of what to expect.

A brief history of ziplining tree top adventure

Surprisingly enough, ziplining didn’t start off as an adventure sport. In certain mountainous areas of Asia and Europe, ziplining is a staple of life. People use them to cross valleys and to move quickly over fierce rivers. The modern notion of zipping through the forest in a tree top adventure came not from some thrill seeking enthusiast but from a scientist.

While researching canopy wildlife in the Costa Rican rainforest, Dr. Donald Perry designed a labyrinth of zip lines that he used to move up and down and side to side along the tree tops. Smithsonian Magazine published an article on the doctor in the 1980s. By the middle of the 90s entrepreneurs had taken the idea to new levels by guiding tours through tree top adventures. In the years since zip lining has become one of the fastest growing adventure sports in the country. You can visit us for a unique ziplining experience in Florida.

Come see us at Empower Adventures

If you want to enjoy the wildlife of Florida in a way you never could have imagined, then visit us at Empower Adventures and try out our tree top adventure. We’d love to get you clicked in and soaring over the beautiful Mobbly Bayou Preserve today.

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Family, Friends and Parties

Zip On!  Join our guides for an energizing zip line journey over Mobbly Bayou gliding from platform to platform with stunning views of Tampa Bay and the wilderness preserve below.  You will never touch the ground while cruising this zip line course.  Your trip includes 5 long, fast zip lines and a 200-foot suspension bridge.  This is the first and only true zip line course in Tampa Bay region! 1.5 – 2 hours required. Reservations required.

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Corporate Team Building

Adventure experiences with your team and
co-workers will help you all to achieve better than ever results.  By blending fun and exciting zip line course adventures with team building and leadership lessons.  Empower Adventures will help your team forge a closer bond and build stronger relationships.  Choose from various adventure packages to include SOAR, ASCEND, Partners in Success and More!

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Youth Leadership Development

Girl on zip line course

Adventure gives our youth authentic experiences where they learn what it means to muster coursage, overcome fears and support others. These life skills are required to successfully lead oneself through challenge, adversity, fear and temptation. It is these skills that will enable our youth to achieve their hopes and dreams. Choose from various adventure packages including EMERGE, ASCEND and CHAMPIONS!

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