Aerial Adventure Park at Empower Adventures

The Empower Adventures aerial adventure park gives you the opportunity to face your fears and confront challenges in a safe, controlled environment. In everyday life, whether you are sitting at your desk or taking notes during a school lecture, you don’t always get the chance to move outside your comfort zone. At Empower Adventures, we strap you in and make you feel safe, but we also give you the opportunity to push yourself through the exciting obstacles of our aerial adventure park.

What will you find at our Aerial Adventure Park?

You might know about us, at Empower Adventures, because of our zip lines in Tampa Bay, Florida, but not everyone knows about our aerial adventure park. We offer a package where you and your group complete only the aerial challenges, but you can also add our aerial adventure park to the full zip line experience in our 5-star Eco Zip Line Canopy Tours.

No matter which package you choose, you will find yourself confronted with exciting obstacles designed to push and empower you. Our Empower Adventures aerial experience include leap of faith pole jumping, free falls, rope bridges, log swings, cable traverses, and much more. Some aspects of these obstacles might scare you, but we encourage you to face your fears and use this process to grow. If you approach our aerial obstacle course with an open mind, you will gain invaluable leadership skills and confidence. Empower yourself in real-world situations at work or in your personal life by gaining confidence and composure at Empower Adventures Tampa Bay.

Empower yourself with Empower Adventures

At Empower Adventures, you get to enjoy and conquer four different zip lines. The first in our canopy adventure zip line tours travels 400 feet and starts from a 65-foot high tower. The second zip line covers 500 feet, the third covers 350 feet, and the fourth covers 600 feet. We also have a 200-foot long suspension bridge. Our aerial adventure park consists of 10 obstacles designed to challenge and empower you.

Reserve your spot today!

Due to demand, we ask that you reserve your aerial adventure park tours, canopy tours, and zip line courses in advance. Spots fill up quickly, so don’t hesitate! Call us at (813) 448-5635 or contact us at Empower Adventures in Tampa Bay online today. You won’t forget your experience with us. It will empower and encourage you, and you won’t quit thinking about scheduling a return trip.