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What to Know Before You Go Zip Lining at Our Park

By September 30, 2022 October 21st, 2022 No Comments

Carabiner with ropeWhether it’s your first time zip lining or you’re a seasoned pro, there are commonly asked questions that are important to answer before heading to Empower Adventures. Putting your mind at ease is important to us, so here are some frequently asked questions and answers to go along with them. For more, head to our FAQ section found here.

What if I have never gone zip lining before?

Many people are in the same position as you, so don’t be afraid to ask questions before or during your visit. It’s important to brush up on our rules of participation to make sure your adventure is as smooth as possible. Our rules of participation include information on weight and age requirements, what clothing to wear, and health expectations.

Can you zip line when it’s cold?

As fall approaches, temperatures will start to drop. Zip line tours can take around two and a half hours, so it is best to prepare for cold conditions during the cooler seasons. While it’s not often cold in Florida, if temperatures will be low, it doesn’t hurt to bring a zip-up jacket or a warm hat. Wearing a face mask can also help with keeping the cold off of your face.

Can you zip line when you’re pregnant?

No, you cannot zip line while pregnant. The extra strain on your body can endanger a pregnancy, so we ask that you come to visit again when your child is old enough to come along too!

What happens if the zip line stops in the middle?

While it is unlikely you will get stuck, if this happens there is nothing to worry about. Follow the instructions of your guide closely and you’ll be unstuck in no time!

What happens in bad weather?

While light rain is not a problem for zip lining, if wind speed gets too high or there is a chance of lightning it will be unsafe to zip line. In the case that bad weather does happen during a tour, follow the instructions of your guide. Additionally, if we see that the weather will be too bad to zip line we will inform you of the cancellation.

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Empower Adventures is one of the safest zip lines in the state of Florida and the nation. We are dedicated to safety and injury prevention to provide a fun, satisfying guest experience. 

Book your adventure for zip lining, obstacle courses, and more at Empower Adventures Tampa. If you have any questions about our safety policies, call us at 813-448-5635 or send us a message online.