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The Best Place To Spend a School Break Is On Our Zip Line Canopy Tour

By November 5, 2021 No Comments

Summer, Fall, Winter, and Spring break are some of the most exciting times for individuals heading out on their own or with friends. Exploring life, culture, and engaging with people around you will be what sets you apart from others on your journey in life. 


We understand this at Empower Adventures in Tampa Bay, Florida. Our leadership-focused and team-oriented approach to our zipline park is what sets us apart from other adventure parks in the nation. 


We provide more than an experience, we provide opportunities for self-growth and leadership growth. In today’s blog we’ll discuss why Empower Adventures should be your first choice for school break adventures. 


Multiple Zip Line Adventures To Choose From

Our zipline adventures exist in multitudes. We offer everything from a wooden suspension bridge to a sunset ziplining experience. We also pair each zipline experience with a knowledgeable adventure park worker who is skilled in zipline safety and leadership training. We work to help all of our adventurers leave with a better sense of adventure and personal leadership skills than when they enter our park. We do this by offering multiple avenues to build skills. 

Beginning from a 65-foot starting point, we offer 5 different zipline adventures in our park. We believe in offering a variety of fun and challenges in our park. We offer more than 3,000 feet of gorgeous views of Mobley Bay, and varying wildlife views in the nature reserve. 

Leadership Growth and Training

Our goal as a leadership-focused adventure park is to focus on building individuals who can embrace the strength required to be the fearless leaders of tomorrow. We offer these opportunities through scheduled group events for youth, corporate teams, church groups, friend and family groups, and more!

We feel it is important to teach communication skills, build self-confidence, and embrace the uniqueness of each teammate. We feel our zipline and ropes courses teach this by encouraging trust and team-building skills. 


Come Spend Your Break With Empower Adventures 

If you’re looking to spend a break the right way, we’d love to host you at our zipline adventure park! Reach out to us online, or call us at (813) 448-5635.