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A Day in the Life of a Zip Line Guide

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zip line Guide Empower Adventures TampaZip line guides are all about making sure you have fun when you and your group are on the aerial adventure course. All of our guides here at Empower Adventures Tampa Bay are professionally trained. They’re also fun-loving, safety-conscious, and encouraging to everyone who enters our property. Today’s blog from Empower Tampa Bay showcases a typical day in the life of a zip line guide.   

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Property Inspection

The first zip line tours begin at 9:30 or 11 in the morning, but our guides arrive much earlier than that. The first thing they do is perform a visual inspection of the property to make sure all of the zip lines are intact, clear of debris or tree branches, and don’t have any structural issues. Safety is our top priority when it comes to your enjoyment. Guides then take a quick ride on all five of our zip lines to assess their speed and braking. 

Equipment Inspection

Then our zip line guides get the safety equipment ready. They look at harnesses, ropes, hooks, and helmets. Our employees check for wear and tear, fraying, and anything that seems out of place on our safety equipment. Everything must fit and work properly to ensure you have a good time zooming above the trees on our nature preserve.

Suiting Up

Zip line guides have their safety equipment in place before the first group arrives. They put on a harness, helmet, gloves, and communication gear. Employees who go up on the zip lines double-check that the batteries in the walkie-talkies have enough power, and they have the right tools to take care of you while you’re above the treetops.

Prepping Our Groups

Once you arrive, you’ll meet an enthusiastic zip line guide in the parking lot. Our guide will explain what you can expect. We also understand that Empower Adventures is a challenge by choice. No one has to fly through the air or traverse a rope bridge if they don’t want to. zip line guides are thoughtful, encouraging, and always make sure your needs are met every step of the way.

Having Fun

Zip line guides at Empower Adventures love to have fun. It shows on their faces when they’re on the ground, helping you launch towards the next platform, assisting you when crossing our 200-foot bridge, or as they’re flying through the air. Our employees are attentive to every person on the course, and they’re also aware of the weather. If any adverse weather, such as high winds or lightning, is on the way, zip line guides will follow our safety procedures to get everyone back on the ground. Even though zip line guides have a long day, they thoroughly enjoy their jobs.

Stowing Equipment

After the last group leaves, zip line guides organize and put away all of the harnesses and safety equipment. Then they make sure everything is secure before locking up and heading home.

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Welcome to Empower Adventures Tampa Bay

We welcome you to Empower Adventures Tampa Bay. We’re the premier zip line and aerial adventure park in the region. Our park stays open seven days a week, operates during the rain, and our staff ensures you and your group enjoy every minute of your time here. Contact Empower Adventures or call (813) 448-5635 for more details.