There is some confusion when it comes to the difference between an aerial adventure park and zip line course. Often, people assume that because zip line courses are suspended in the air they must be the same as an aerial adventure park. However, these two attractions are not the same thing! While both are very popular and bring the next level of thrill to an average day, you will get two very different experiences. Empower Adventures Tampa explains the similarities between these two awesome attractions.

Aerial Adventure Park

Aerial adventure parks consist of high ropes, narrow wooden bridges, and tight slack lines. As you proceed across the adventure park, you will have to have expert balance as you don’t want to lose your footing! Traditionally, these adventure parks lead through the woods, making it easy for platforms and obstacles to be included. During your time maneuvering through the park, your limits will be tested as you carefully step from obstacle to obstacle. 

Zip Line Course

Zip line courses bring high-speeds and constant adrenaline rushes. For zip line courses, there are usually multiple cables strung from various points, whether it is over obstacles, around obstacles, or straight through them! You can sit back and relax on a zip line and enjoy flying through the air, preparing for your next zip!


There are several differences between the two attractions. First, aerial adventure parks require you to move and travel for yourself, whereas zip line courses are all about the thrill and feeling of weightlessness. Each has its own unique fun factors. While you walk, climb, or jump through the aerial park, you will want to focus on not falling! Thankfully, you don’t need to worry about that with zip line courses!


Even though the activities of aerial adventure parks and zip line courses are different, the goals of the two activities are similar. Each activity is meant to provide a rush of adrenaline and the thrill of being up in the sky! For both attractions, you are strapped into a harness which is attached to a safety cord to prevent any accidents. It’s all about the thrill of fast-paced, physical activities at a high altitude!

Try Out Both at Empower Adventures Tampa Bay!

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