Zip lining today is very different than its original roots. This adventure sport for adrenaline junkies was once a practical form of transportation. Not until recently have zip line courses become popular. This movement has evolved into things such as aerial adventure parks and rope courses in many major cities! Today, Empower Adventures Tampa gives a brief history of zip lining and how this outdoor activity turned into an instant thrill.

Early Uses for Zip Lining

There is not much information on the origin of zip lining; however, it is believed that the form of transportation started in the Himalayas, Alps, and other extreme mountainous areas. The people in these regions would string cables across the mountains to overcome dangerous areas and other rough terrains. Zip lining became popular for the fast movement of people and materials from place to place. With the invention of these cables, even though not very safe in the beginning, they gained massive amounts of popularity.

Overcoming Obstacles

The primary purpose of zip lining was to overcome obstacles such as deep valleys, wide rivers, and sharp mountains. Zip lines were easier to put up than some bridges due to the lack of construction. This movement later spread to Australia where it is rumored that Australian troops used these zip lines to deliver ammunition and other goods to the front lines during military conflicts.

Modern Zip Line Course

Zip line courses are very different than the original plan of the cable. This outdoor activity has taken off in recent years thanks to technology and the constant need for adrenaline. These have evolved into full tours, extending to aerial adventure parks. New zip line courses follow strict safety guidelines that were not in place in the beginning zip line era. As zip line courses have become more popular, there have been additions of multiple lines, platforms, and views. Currently, there are zip line courses in every state in the US!

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