Depending on your situation, you might be part of a team or only part of a group. Even though the two seem to be similar, some attributes differentiate them. Teams often work together much better than groups; but, how do you transform your group into a team? In today’s blog, Empower Adventures gives a few pointers to change the dynamic of your group to improve the quality of your organization.

What is a Group?

A group’s dynamic is often to get the job done, regardless of collaboration. This mindset can bring about a lot of problems, resulting in a poor final product. Groups tend to be an organization of individuals who focus on their own individual efforts rather than the whole. An example would be group projects. There are always people who do a majority of the work, rather than distributing everything evenly. Without proper communication, effort, and collaboration, it is hard to reach your group’s full potential.

What is a Team?

Teams are mutually committed to the betterment of a problem. They work together in all aspects and help the other members succeed. An ideology of a team is being selfless rather than being individualistic. Teams hold their members accountable for their work and often build off of the ideas of others, while the members have similar responsibilities. A great example of a textbook team is any sports team since they have to utilize the talents of all the players to win. Not a single player can make the team win!

Team Building Activities

If you want to take your group to a new level, try some team building activities. The goal of these activities is to have each member play an equal role, not allowing the task to be achieved unless they work together. Group activities function similarly, however, sometimes these tasks can be completed by a few members rather than all. Team building activities help with morale, communication, motivation, collaboration, and much more.

Improving Communication

Throughout group and team building activities, communication is a necessity. Effective communication makes it much easier to complete these goals. Often, because each team member plays an equal role, the target won’t be achieved unless they work as a unit. Whether you are trying to communicate across the room, across the department, or across the office, it makes a significant difference if you are working as a team. Practice team building activities to improve these qualities, and continuously reinforce them throughout your team’s lifetime!

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