Most problems that occur within a team are due to a lack of communication, not a lack of effort. Team building can be difficult, especially if your group only meets in a professional setting. If you are noticing a barrier between departments, projects not being finished in time, or even a decreased morale within your team, it’s time for a fun retreat. Today, Empower Adventures lists a few ways you can improve your team’s communication through exciting group activities.

Give Each Team Member a Job

Each team member should be assigned a task they are responsible for, even if it isn’t their typical role on the team. It will give the team members a purpose, knowing they are all involved in the outcome. Sometimes communication can be clouded when members feel their job is no longer relevant. By giving each team member a job, it forces the whole team to communicate as the job gets closer to being finished.

Encourage Critical Thinking

Performing the same task over and over can be exhausting and tedious. Through group activities, critical thinking becomes a necessity. Working to solve problems or overcome obstacles is impossible without communication between teammates. During the group activity, encourage the rest of your team to think outside of the box! The more you work together, the more you will communicate.  

Acknowledge Individual Strengths

One thing that is often not acknowledged enough is your team members’ strengths. During the group activities, take the time to praise and support your members for the work they are doing. It builds a relationship within your team, bringing them closer. After these team building activities, they will take this increased morale back to the office, improving communication. Another way to acknowledge these strengths is identifying new leaders in the team, allowing them to use their strengths in new ways.

Looking for New Group Activities?

Empower Adventures wants your team to thrive through an ultimate team building experience. Through our fun and creative challenges, it will empower your team to take risks and step outside of their comfort zones. By tackling these challenges, your communication skills will be taken to new heights. After the group activities, you’ll be able to immediately implement what you have learned back at the office.

If you are looking for a new, exciting group activity for your team, check out Empower Adventure’s variety of programs. We want you to have fun while you overcome challenges and discover more about your team’s strengths. Visit our website to learn more!