Zip lining has a lot of great benefits both for your physical health and your self-confidence. Empower Adventures is dedicated to your empowerment, but we’re also dedicated to your health and safety. We take every precaution to keep each customer safe and secure while zip lining. But what about your own health and fitness? Does your level of fitness make a big difference for how safe a zip line adventure is for you? Our team offers up some advice on knowing your ability and fitness level.

General Health and Fitness

In terms of your general health, you don’t need to be giving Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson a run for his money to ride a zip line. That said, you should feel comfortable with being outdoors and spending time on your feet. Our zip lines are designed to be inclusive and to cater to a wide variety of people, and you can always contact us beforehand with any questions beforehand.

When You Shouldn’t Be Zip Lining

What about specific restrictions? There are certain conditions that, unfortunately, will mean you’re unable to zip line. If you suffer from any physical condition that puts you at risk from overdoing things physically, it’s best not to get on a zip line.

This includes things like specific heart conditions, a history of heart problems, breathing problems, stroke, blood pressure issues, and certain seizure disorders. It probably goes without saying that zip lining while pregnant isn’t a great idea, either. If you’re unsure about whether your personal health precludes you from zip lining, talk to your doctor about any conditions you have or your medical history.

Health and Wellbeing Benefits

With all of that said, there are a number of health benefits to zip lining that can’t be denied. The physical activity involved by itself is enough to give regular visitors and zip liners a boost in their fitness level. Along with it comes the mood-lifting effects of the endorphin rush you get from zipping between the trees. While it’s not a miracle cure, zip lining can be a great way to shake off the sluggish feeling many of us are left with after the holiday season — especially if it’s under the Florida sun!

Start Your Zip Lining Journey at Empower Adventures

Looking for a unique experience that benefits both your body and your mind? Contact Empower Adventures today. Our zip line course in Tampa, Florida is the perfect place to challenge yourself and discover exactly what you’re made of.