Ready to get on a zip line for a tree top adventure, but you’re worried about the winter weather? If you visit the zip line course at Empower Adventures in Tampa, Florida, you won’t need to worry. In this blog, the Empower Adventures team is going over some info about Tampa’s winter weather to help you prepare for your zip lining adventure.

Warm Winter Weather

One of the benefits of having a zip line adventure based in Florida is year-round warm weather. While temperatures will dip, much of Florida enjoys warm weather year-round. There are a number of reasons why Florida is one of the US’s biggest tourist destinations, and the climate is high on the list. This means that Empower Adventures in Tampa is able to stay open all year.

Less Rain

There’s also less rain — in fact, the winter months in Florida are typically drier than any other time of the year. The rainy season in Florida generally runs from May through October, usually resulting in brief thunderstorms. While it’s not a guarantee of no rain at all, there’s significantly less chance of being caught in a shower if you’re zip lining in Florida in the winter.

Beautiful Surroundings No Matter the Season

Whatever time of year it is, you’re always surrounded by beautiful scenery in Tampa. One of the reasons Empower Adventures chose Tampa for a zip line canopy tour is the picturesque area. Spectacular views of tree tops and the wide-open southern skies offer a breathtaking experience, whether you’re visiting us in the winter or the height of summer.

Be Prepared for Bad Weather (Just in Case)

Whenever you decide to book your unique zip line experience, you should always be prepared for anything. Whether it’s the rainy season or a perfectly warm winter day in Tampa, bring spare clothes and towels, and be prepared for the weather to take a turn while you’re up in the trees. Our team will always be here to make sure you have a safe, fun experience, rain or shine.

Book Your Zip Lining Experience Today

As you can see, when it comes to winter weather, you (mostly) don’t have to worry about it interfering with you zip lining adventure in Tampa. If you’re ready to challenge yourself and find out just how strong you really are, get in touch with the team at Empower Adventures today.