Empower Adventures: Sunshine and Fresh Air

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Empower Adventures Looks at the Benefits of Sunshine and Fresh Air

Perfectly situated between Tampa and the beaches of Clearwater and St. Petersburg, Empower Adventures is the area’s premier zip line destination. With over 3,000 feet of zip line and aerial challenges that overlook the wildlife and waters of Bayou Wilderness and Tampa Bay, Empower Adventures understands the importance of being outside. In today’s blog, the adventurers at Empower Adventures share some of the benefits of sunshine and fresh air.

Higher Levels of Vitamin D

Direct sunlight is your body’s primary source of Vitamin D. Even just a few minutes of sun exposure a day can help increase your levels of Vitamin D, which can help fight off osteoporosis, cancer, and depression.

Increased Physical Activity

When you’re outdoors, you’re more likely to engage in physical activities than when you’re stuck inside. Walking, cycling, and recreational activities work to keep us at optimal physical health.

Break the Boredom

Going outside can get your brain moving, too. Taking part in our 2.5 hour guided zip line experience will provide sensory stimulation that will surely eliminate boredom.

Increase Socialization

Outdoor space provides more opportunities to do things with others. Furthermore, spending time with others boosts self-esteem and positivity, and it can keep us from feeling lonely and out of touch, which can lead to depression.

Improved Sleep

Soaking in daylight for at least 15 minutes a day helps your body shut off a snooze-inducing chemical called melatonin. This will help your body develop a more stable night time and day time clock so you’re less likely to have trouble sleeping when the sun goes down.

Greater Energy

Inhaling fresh air helps clear your lungs and enables you to take deeper, longer breathes of air, increasing the amount of oxygen that’s transported to your body’s cells. Increased oxygen in your body translates to greater energy and clarity of mind.

Empower Adventures Tampa

If you’re ready for a day full of fun, sun and fresh air, join us at Empower Adventures in Tampa. A zip line course is a perfect choice for outdoor adventure. In fact, we offer a variety of activities that empower you to be your best. Contact us today to awaken your adventurous side.