What Physical Activities to Expect on Your Visit to Empower Adventures Tampa

When you join us at Empower Adventures Tampa Bay, you can expect to experience an action-packed day and create memories that will last a lifetime. But exactly what physical requirements are expected of you? At Empower Adventures, our physical challenges can be mastered by most, but it’s good to know what to expect. For those who need to err on the cautious side, here are a few physical expectations you can anticipate during your adventure.


All of our activities involve climbing. Because our adventures take place up in the air, climbing the stairs to the top of the starting poles is required to begin the course. Stairs will lead you up through most of our challenges, however, there are some activities, like the optional Leap of Faith, that require upper arm strength to propel you upward. You can also anticipate steep inclines at the ends of our 200-foot suspension bridge, but we promise that the view is well worth the added effort.


On our intricate aerial obstacle course, balance is half the fun! Although you are strapped safely to wires, to successfully complete the course you must utilize your core muscles and sure-footedness to make your way across. There will often be ropes to help guide you across safely, but calm and steady balance will be key to your success.


If there’s one thing other zip line parks don’t have, it’s an exhilarating moonlight zip. Our Moonlight Zip Canopy Tour will have you jumping for the stars as you zip through the beautiful Mobbly Bayou Wilderness Preserve at night. Just like our daytime zip line tour, all that’s required of you is the take-off and then let gravity do the rest! So plan to lean in, fall in, or jump in to your zip lining adventure with Empower Adventures!


Whether you literally ‘reach for your goals’ on the exhilarating Leap of Faith, or you simply reach for the next step on the climb to begin the course, you will be stretching some muscles you’re not used to using. Reaching this point at Empower Adventures requires some energy and strength, but don’t worry, you’ll feel relaxed and refreshed after your adventure with us!

Empower Adventures (Tampa)

Come ready for a day full of fun and activity with Empower Adventures in Tampa! Climbing, balancing, jumping, and reaching are just a few of the physical exercises you can expect during your day. For more information on what to expect on your visit, check out our frequently asked questions page, or jump in head first and contact us today!