Youth Leadership at Empower Adventures – Learning Self-Leadership

In order to lead others, you must first lead yourself. The special skills and qualities of a leader start developing from a young age, but as children grow into young adults they often lose confidence as they begin to experience social influences and peer pressure. Most teenagers can truly benefit from youth leadership development programs like those at Empower Adventures in Tampa. Programs that test an individual’s leadership abilities help strengthen their self-attributes, which are necessary for healthy continued growth into adulthood.

Here are 5 essential self-leadership skills that can be gained through a youth leadership development program.

#1 Independent Thinking

To complete the course successfully, aerial courses require varying degrees of independent thinking. Young teens are taken out of their typical environment and forced to disconnect from conventional ways of thinking to solve the challenges facing them. For example, the ‘normal’ way of getting from point A to point B might be by walking, but in this special case, crawling might be the optimal way to reach point B without falling.

By encouraging young adults to think outside of the box, they gain independent thinking skills that benefit them throughout life’s many challenges.

#2 Confidence

In order to overcome personal fears, whether they be heights or high speeds, confidence is key. Developing one’s self-confidence is an attribute that transcends to all areas of life. By tackling these fears through a supportive youth leadership program, your young teen can learn to manage challenges thrown at them in life. After accomplishing a feat like the Leap of Faith, your child will have strengthened resilience against his or her own fears and gain the confidence to tackle whatever comes their way next.

#3 Autonomy

Self-government, self-determination, and freedom all describe the level of autonomy that your child will gain from a youth leadership program. The important decision-making skills required to complete Empower Adventures’ Aerial Obstacle Course build personal responsibility and independence. Moving from one course to the next will require critical thinking abilities that are applicable at home and at school. As young adults, the desire for autonomy is already there, and programs like these allow your child to explore freedom in a fun, safe environment before they take on the real world.

#4 Focus

Adventure parks force you to take each obstacle one step at a time and really focus on the challenge before you. Without the added distractions of schoolwork or social life, your young teen can focus on the ‘here and now’ and make their way to the thrilling reward at the end. During their Zip Line Adventure, the practice of focus will teach your teen that great things can happen when you put your mind to the task.

#5 Perseverance

Finally, self-leadership requires perseverance. Rather than give up on each challenge, your child will practice perseverance as they complete each set of adventures and overcome physical and mental roadblocks. The feeling of accomplishment when they finish is second to none and will leave a lasting impression.

Empower Adventures (Tampa)

Independent thinking, confidence, autonomy, focus and perseverance are just a few of the qualities your teen can develop in a Youth Leadership Development program. These are qualities that create strong self-leaders for the future! At Empower Adventures, we offer four different youth leadership programs that fit the varying goals of each group. Only by teaching youth to lead themselves can they begin to lead others. Our programs give them the confidence to do just that. Visit our website for more information!