Ways Youth Leadership Development Improves Teen Group Leadership

Some kids are born with natural leadership abilities. For others, leadership is a skill that must be developed. A lack of innate leadership skills doesn’t have to keep your teen from stepping into leadership roles in their communities. In fact, youth leadership development programs are popping up around the country, offering children the chance to unlock these skills and gain the confidence to use them. Here’s exactly how a youth leadership program can help your teen in their quest to become a leader.

#1 A Touch of Empathy

Youth leadership development programs with Empower Adventures are fun, active, and educational. But most importantly, they help to reinforce the power of empathy. While one teen may embrace heights, their teammate might fear them. So how do you work together to accomplish the task at hand while soaring through the trees? Learning to place yourself in someone else’s shoes and see from their perspective gives you the power of insight. This is how those with empathy are able to take on leadership roles quickly, for the benefit of themselves and others.

#2 A Strengthened Resilience

Any significant achievement stems from overcoming adversity. When placed in a hard situation, the strength that comes from overcoming tough obstacles allows teens to grow.

In a group setting, overcoming adversity with a close network of friends allows teens to learn from each other and improve essential problem-solving skills. Leading others through physical and mental roadblocks, like those found on an aerial obstacle course, is how strength and resilience are born.

#3 Little Acts of Microbravery

Microbravery is a term for simple acts of braveness that take you out of your comfort zone. It could be something as adventurous as jumping off onto a treetop zip line, or it could be something as simple as admitting you need help with a school project. Microbraveries are small, brief accomplishments that pack a big punch. Frequent acts of microbravery help teens to gain the confidence necessary to lead others into success when the big moment arrives. This is why youth leadership development programs often include activities that young teens might not attempt every day. Because the more they jump outside of their comfort zone, the more able they are to take on the world when the time comes.

Empower Adventures (Tampa)

Young teens are our future leaders of the world, and we know they will all go on to accomplish great things in their lives. With the help of any one of our Youth Leadership Development programs here at Empower Adventures in Tampa, your teenager will gain the important leadership skills needed to lead a successful life back home. Whether it’s empathizing with others, building resilience, or little acts of bravery, we will work to customize your program to meet your unique objectives. Visit our website for more information on Youth Leadership Development with Empower Adventures!