Are Canopy Adventure Zipline Tours Safe?

The last thing you typically think about on a zipline tour is the quality of equipment around you because, at an aerial adventure park, it’s their job to ensure all equipment and adventures are up to safety guidelines and standards. In part 1 of this 2-part blog, Empower Adventures discussed basic equipment safety and how to choose the right canopy adventure zipline tour. Now, we discuss additional ways you can help ensure your own safety!

Think Smart Before You Start

Once you’ve ensured the equipment is up to safety standards, you can then turn your focus inward. Here are 5 things you can do to ensure your safety on a canopy adventure zipline tour:

  1. Wear a helmet and harness that properly fits you. If you are unsure you’ve fitted it to yourself correctly, check with a guide. They will be able to make the proper adjustments to ensure optimum safety. The last thing you want is to slip around in your harness while in the air.
  2. Make sure you’re within the parameters of weight requirements and height restrictions. These limits depend on the adventure park since courses around the world are different adventure experiences. If you’re unsure, visit the company’s website! Restrictions are set with everyone’s safety in mind. Providing false information about your height and weight could put those around you in danger.
  3. Dress appropriately. To participate in a canopy adventure zipline tour you must be free of loose clothing, open-toed or slip on shoes, and items that are not fully secured to you. For example, if you decide to wear a hat or sunglasses, be prepared for them to fly off in the air. It’s a strong possibility. To make it easier for everyone, prepare for this before you arrive at the park.
  4. Follow park rules. If a guide tells you not to jump, then don’t jump. Rules are set in place for a reason, and when everyone follows them, accidents and mistakes don’t occur.
  5. Take breaks. High speeds and heights can cause anxiety and stress in certain individuals. For your own mental health, it’s very important to recuperate in-between activities. For instance, at Empower Adventures in Tampa, FL, you may want to take a water break after your canopy adventure zipline tour. Give yourself some time to calm down and then challenge yourself to the Leap of Faith!

Extreme aerial adventures like these also take a toll on young children and older adults. The jerky movements, vibrations, and strong gravitational pull could put strains on the body. Always allow your body the proper time to adjust itself after each adventure.

These are just a few things you can do to make sure you’re in safe hands while on your canopy adventure zipline tour. With safety taken care of and out of your mind, you can focus on the thrilling adventure that awaits!

Empower Adventures in Tampa, FL

At Empower Adventures in Tampa, Florida, employees are always on the lookout for your safety. We ensure all equipment is regularly inspected and each course is up to standards. Our goal is to make sure you’re in good hands, so you don’t have to.

Come experience the best canopy adventure zipline tour Tampa has to offer! Birthday parties, team building, date night, or family time, Empower Adventures is a place you need to experience in person. Plan your visit today! It’s your turn to zip on.