Are Canopy Adventure Zipline Tours Safe?

Canopy adventure zipline tours require these three main components to function: cables, pulleys, and gravity. If you think about it, that’s not a lot of materials for some adrenaline-inducing fun and adventure. While many seek out ziplines for the thrill and adventure, they still want to know that they can enjoy an element of risk without putting their lives on the line.

Luckily, most zipline parks are standardized when it comes to safety. This means they all must adhere to the same safety features and equipment that’s been proven most effective. But still, are canopy adventure zipline tours safe? Here’s Empower Adventures with more.

Canopy Adventure Zipline Tours – Basic Equipment Safety

Let’s start with materials. A zipline cable is made up of seven or so smaller, interwoven cables. Those smaller cables are also each made up with their own small, interwoven cables. This tangled mess means that it’s very unlikely that a cable will suddenly snap apart while riding. Since canopy adventure zipline tours are so popular nowadays, wear and tear is inevitable. But never fear! Skilled employees are trained to properly inspect equipment daily- including the cables.

Pulleys, harnesses, and carabiners are pretty easy to inspect. Just check for nicks and cracks, rust, distortion, and discoloration. Of course, it’s the responsibility of your guide to ensure that all equipment is up to the highest of standards. If you have any questions about your equipment or feel unsafe using them, notify your guide for a replacement.

Choosing the Right Canopy Adventure Zipline Tour

When looking for your next canopy adventure zipline tour, it’s best to choose a largely regulated, certified adventure park so you can be sure that each course is up to standards. A self-rigged, low-cost, backyard zipline will put you and your family’s life in danger. Look for courses that follow standards set by the Professional Ropes Course Association, or the Association for Challenge Course Technology. This way you can be sure that your chosen park is adhering to safety standards set forth, and standardized safety procedures used around the world.

Empower Adventures in Tampa, FL

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