Why You Should Choose a Tree Top Adventure for Your Next Date Night

One of the timeless struggles of dating life and married life alike is deciding what to do for date night. Well, thanks to Empower Adventures in Tampa Bay, date night options just got a lot more exciting and adventurous with our tree top adventures.

The great thing about choosing a tree top adventure for your next date night is that you will be engaging in an activity that pushes you to do something new and exciting — maybe something that is even a little bit out of your comfort zone. So why is this something we highly recommend? Read on to find out why you should book a tree top adventure tour with Empower Adventures for your next date night.

Sharing in Adventures Helps Build a Strong Bond

You and your partner are a team and, therefore, you would certainly benefit from a fun team building activity like one of our tree top adventures. Being able to cheer each other on while you push yourselves to new heights — both literally and figuratively — will be a special time of bonding for the two of you to share.

Experiencing New Things Together is Important

Why eat at the same restaurant you always eat at and then watch a movie on the couch when you could fly over Mobbly Preserve and Tampa Bay? Get out of that date night rut and come to Empower Adventures for an unforgettable tree top adventure. Here, you’ll both enjoy gorgeous views while soaring through the air on five zip lines that total over 3,000 feet. You can steal a kiss or two as you walk over a 200-foot wooden suspension bridge and look out over the picturesque scenery.

You Will Grow Together

We have a lot of people come to see us who aren’t necessarily comfortable with the thought of hanging 30-65 feet off the ground. That’s the best part of Empower Adventures, though. We love for our clients to come in and push themselves further than they thought they would ever be able to.

Engaging in activities that push you outside of your comfort zone is an excellent way to grow together with your partner. We are sure that you will come away from this experience having grown as an individual and as a couple.

Make Sure to Book Your Tree Top Adventure with Empower Adventures

If you are looking to make your next date night a night to remember, make sure to go to our website and book one of several different types of tree top adventures that we offer at Empower Adventures Tampa Bay! We are sure that you and your partner will have a fantastic time!