Benefits of Adventure Play on Children – Empower Adventures

Imagination and play are important elements in childhood development. But what about risky activities, or more adventurous activities, such as climbing a tree really fast or leaping from furniture to furniture? Well, as it turns out, that is important too. For young children, testing the boundaries of what they can and cannot handle helps introduce them to the real world and build valuable skills and confidence.

When young kids engage in these risky behaviors they’re actually learning a lot that will prepare them for their future as an adult. Here are a few reasons why adventure play for kids is really beneficial and how Empower Adventures in Tampa, FL can help.


Kids that engage in adventurous playtime, like rock climbing or zip lining, quickly develop an understanding of what they can and cannot handle. Consistently establishing and testing boundaries through more adventurous play gives kids a chance to learn from their own experiences. And from that, improve their competence.

Playtime gives kids an opportunity to mess up and fall, teaching them the valuable lesson of picking up and starting over again. This can be a tough lesson to learn at an older age, so it is best to understand early that how you respond to failure will impact how you are able to succeed. The more experiences you have as a child, the less hesitant or afraid of them you will be as an adult.

Safety at Empower Adventures

Empower Adventures offers children ages seven and up an opportunity to test their personal boundaries in a safe way with the support of their friends and family. Safely secured to a steel cable at all times, our professional guides will help you navigate your way around the aerial course or tree top zip line. Our equipment is inspected daily and we require a harness, hard hat, and have a strict clothing policy to ensure maximum safety for you and your child.

Adventure Play with Empower Adventures

At Empower Adventures in Tampa, FL, children must be at least seven years old and weigh at least 70 pounds to participate in our adventure park. We encourage children to experience safe and adventurous play with us. Depending on the group size or child, some children may be required to ride tandem with a guide or another lightweight sibling. Please inform us of young children when you book your adventure so we can make the proper arrangements. For any questions on the age restrictions here at Empower Adventures, please call (813) 448-5635 or contact us online today.