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Best People to Take on a Tree Top Adventure

By November 15, 2017 December 9th, 2019 No Comments

man & woman together on a tree top adventureWho You Should Take on Your Next Tree Top Adventure

Here at Empower Adventures in beautiful Tampa Bay, we love to see people young and old getting outdoors, enjoying the fresh air, and hopping on a zip line for a cool tree top adventure. While we love giving tours to corporate groups, birthday parties, church groups, and more, we want everyone to know that they can zip line! Here we offer some suggestions on who you should bring along for your next tree top adventure, especially if it will be their first time!

Kids, Nieces, Nephews

Empower Adventures has a very strict age requirement for zip lining to ensure the best safety for all of our guests. But if you have a child, niece, or nephew aged 7 or above, we want to bring them the joy of zip lining. After all, what child hasn’t dreamed of flying? Show them a great time and bring them along for their first tree top adventure. Not only will you become their favorite parent, aunt, or uncle, but they will develop a love for all things exciting and high-flying. If your youngster is scared, show them how it’s done by zipping first. You won’t believe the smile on their face when you see them swooping in after you.


Maybe you’re already a zip lining adrenaline junkie, and you want to spread the joy. Bring your parents along! They’ve put in hard work and time raising you, so return the favor by giving them something they can remember. Parents aren’t always the most adventurous or daring, which means it’s up to you to help them break out of their shell. A tree top adventure on Empower’s zip line course is a perfectly safe and thrilling way to add some spice to their lives.


Who says you have to spend your days in a rocking chair or recliner as you age? Bring along an able-bodied grandparent and share some excitement with them. We love to see everyone enjoying themselves on a tree top adventure, and our more mature guests are always an inspiration. Not to mention that “back in the day,” there probably weren’t many zip lines around!

Significant Others

Isn’t the whole dinner and a movie thing a bit played out? Why not shake things up by bringing your date on a tree top adventure at Empower Adventures? Shared experiences such as zip lining bring couples closer together, not to mention that you’ll be breaking the mold of the regular routine.

Tree Top Adventures for Everyone at Empower Adventures

Empower wants to share zip lining with everyone, and we mean it! We believe that diversity and uniqueness matter, and we practice those beliefs every day we open our tree top adventure. Bring someone who needs some excitement. Bring someone who doesn’t get out much. Bring a family member to show them you love them. Bring anyone! Call today to set up your next canopy tour from Empower Adventures Tampa Bay.