Common Fears Conquered on a Zip Line Course

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man conquering fears on a zip line course

What Fears can You Conquer on a Zip Line Course?

Not everyone who comes to Empower Adventures is confident and ready to ride. Many of our guests have at least some fears of heights or zipping quickly without anything beneath them. We completely understand these reservations! That’s why we have friendly guides who are prepared to help you talk through any fears you may be experiencing so that you can have the best experience possible.

For as long as we’ve been in operation, we have been helping our guests confront and conquer their misgivings about being on a zip line course. Here at Empower Adventures we offer some helpful words of encouragement and advice so that you can enjoy our zip line course as much as possible!  This is a major differentiator for us – our staff treks along with you as your own personal cheering section!

Fear of Heights

First of all, we should acknowledge that a fear of heights is totally normal! Most people spend their days in office chairs or planted firmly on terra firma, so it is not surprising that you may be uncomfortable with being high up. But one of the most important things about the Empower Adventures zip line course is that it takes you away from your norm and that can always be scary, no matter what it is.

We encourage you to consider how stepping outside your comfort zone can help you expand your horizons and show you new things about yourself. Our zip line course will have you anywhere from 25 ft to 65 ft off of the ground. If that worries you, remember that you will be safely and securely fastened to a steel cable the whole time you are above the ground! Our guides will be with you every step and zip of the way to help you feel comfortable and safe.

Fear of Falling

As we have said above, even when you are not zipping, you will still be safely secured to a steel cable that runs along the course. Even as you traverse our 200 ft bridge, you will be attached so there’s no chance of you taking a nasty fall. You can visit our gallery page to see just how it works.

Fear of Bad Weather

We do not operate if there is lightning in the area. We do operate in rain, which can alarm some guests. Again, we offer well-trained guides who will be keeping you safe and ensure that you’re having fun the whole way. They will make sure that you are secured as you fly high over the Mobbly Bayou Preserve, rain or shine.

No Fear is Too Great for Our Zip Line Course

Our awesome staff checks our equipment daily to ensure that everything is in tip-top shape and running smoothly. While any tree top adventure zip line course is going to carry some risk, we do everything we can to ensure your safety. Our course has also been built to exceed the ACCT professional building standards, so we’ve greatly minimized the risks.

If you are still concerned about your safety at the Empower Adventures zip line course, we encourage you to call or stop by for a visit so that you can speak with our friendly and professional staff about your concerns. We’ll be more than happy to ease your worries and get you zipping in no time!