Little-Known Tidbits About Zip Line Courses

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Zip Line Course: Fun Facts Regarding Zip Lining

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Zip lining has quickly become a beloved, widespread recreational activity across both the U.S. and the entire world. With their recent surge in popularity, however, many people are still unfamiliar about all of the interesting information surrounding this thrilling adventure hobby. At Empower Adventures in Tampa, we decided to take the time to showcase some little-known facts about zip line courses so everyone who may be interested in visiting our park is familiar with this exciting diversion.

How Zip Line Courses Became Popular

Much like how it is today, zip lining was actually popularized by wildlife biologists who wanted to reach good observation points in the forest without disturbing the surrounding wildlife. This scientific use for zip line courses in Costa Rica eventually transitioned into a recreational purpose when canopy tours became well-known throughout the rest of South America.

The Rapid Expansion in Popularity

As we have mentioned before, the craze over zip line courses is very much a recent trend that gradually took place over the past decade. In fact, in 2001, there were approximately 10 zip lines in the entire United States. Today, that number has skyrocketed to over 400 commercial zip lines throughout the country, one of which includes our very own aerial adventure park in Tampa, Florida.

The Longest Zip Line Course in the World

The prestigious title of longest zip line in the world was designated to a course in Puerto Rico called “The Monster.” This monstrous zip line course spans over 1.5 miles over the forested landscape of central Puerto Rico. What’s more, “The Monster” is able to carry users up to 95 miles per hour in the air.

Zip Lines By the State

We mentioned earlier that there are over 400 commercial zip lines throughout the entire U.S., but which state is responsible for the most? That would be North Carolina, which was recently recorded having 24 commercial zip line courses. On the other hand, Mississippi and North Dakota are the only two states that do not have zip lines. It’s OK though, Empower Adventures welcomes any resident from these two states to come experience the fun at our aerial adventure park in Tampa, Florida!

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There’s a world of information out there about zip line courses, but in the end, you can’t completely understand the excitement until you take a ride on our tree top adventure for yourself. To schedule your next trip at Empower adventures in Tampa, Florida, give us a call at 813-448-5635.