Tree Top Adventures – The Best Experience

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Make the Most of Your Tree Top Adventure

Booking a tree top adventure with Empower Adventures Tampa Bay? If you’ve been on a zipline or tree top adventure before, you already know what to look forward to. But, if you’re new to the Empower experience, there are a few things you can do to get the absolute best out of your day among the treetops in Tampa. Empower Adventures would like to offer a few easy steps to make your tree top adventure even more unforgettable.

Group/Shared Adventure

Empower is all about bonding. Corporate team building, family outings, and special occasions are all perfectly suited to a day at Empower Adventures. There’s nothing quite like sharing a new experience like a zip line adventure with friends or colleagues, so when you’re booking your day out, make sure that you have a group of enthusiastic adventurers to share the experience with.

Comfortable Clothes

For the best experience on a tree top adventure, you need to make sure that you’re in comfortable, flexible clothes. Zip lining is a very physical activity, and you’re going to be strapping yourself into a harness to zip among the tree tops. Not to mention, if you decide to add a paddleboard tour to your Empower itinerary, you need to give some extra thought about what you’re wearing, since you’ll likely be getting wet, too.

Make sure your clothes are comfortable and safe – nothing so loose fitting that it’ll get caught on anything, nothing so tight that you’ll be limited in how much you can move, and clothing that’s appropriate for the weather that day.

Follow Instructions

Perhaps the most important part of your Empower zip line tour is that you follow the instructions your guide gives you. Remember, your zip line is going to be high up in the tree tops of Tampa, so it’s essentially up to you to listen carefully and follow the directions you’re given for your safety – as well as the safety of those with you.

If you’re not sure of something, you should also not be afraid to ask. Our Empower employees are experienced and knowledgeable, and can answer any questions or concerns you have before, or during your tour.

Book Your Tree Top Adventure in Advance

Another great tip for your tree top adventure is avoiding disappointment. At certain types of year, our zip line tours see a spike in demand. This means that, if you don’t book a decent amount of time in advance, you could end up missing out. Contact Empower Adventures and book your zip line course adventure today.