Beauty Will Lift You Up | Zip Line Tours Oldsmar

By October 31, 2016 No Comments


Take time to find something beautiful this week.

Here in Pinellas County, in the central part of the state, we have so many “beautiful” resources.  From the arts and culture center of the universe in St Petersburg to the wonderful beaches on the Gulf, we are lucky to have such great beauty among us.  Unfortunately the beauty takes a back seat in the hustle and bustle of life.  In the midst of all the negativity and muck and mire that is all around us I invite you to take time this week to find something beautiful this week and enjoy it.  In beauty we will find peace and an ability to lift ourselves up. When we lift ourselves up we become the best version of ourselves.  This version has no limits, inspires others and makes our world a better place.


For some beauty is a piece of art or listening to music or a beautiful sunset.  Whatever it may be, seek it out this week.  And when you find it, take a deep breath.


I wish you all a great week and good luck in seeking out something beautiful.  My “beautiful” is on the shores of the Gulf at sunset.  That is where I become uplifted and re-energized to take on everything the world has to throw at me.

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