Empower Adventures Sunset Special

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Everyone knows Florida has spectacular natural scenery. From the Everglades in southern Florida to the island archipelago of the Florida Keys, this state boasts beautiful waterscapes and wildlife difficult to find anywhere else in the United States. Here, in Tampa Bay, we have our very own Mobbly Bayou Preserve. Located on the secluded Mobbly Bay, this area hosts a wide range of wildlife and beautiful, undeveloped beaches. Empower Adventures in Tampa Bay gives you the ultimate experience in zip lining in Florida. We take you into the air for our tree top adventure and canopy tours. Just click in, hold on, and sore over some of the most beautifully preserved wildlife in the Tampa Bay area any day of the week.

Empower Adventures Provides a Sunset Adventure

If gliding over the goldenrod, wild sage, sunflowers, and other beautiful plant life in Empower Adventures’ canopy tours excites you, then you will love our latest Empower Adventures tree top adventure. Take a night to enjoy the beauty of the bay area on any Monday, Wednesday, or Friday with a zip line canopy tour before taking in a spectacular sunset. You’ve never seen a sunset like this. Climb to the top of our 65 foot start tower and zip across the pink and gold-tipped sky. You truly experience exquisite Florida sunsets as only egrets, spoonbills, pelicans, and other birds have before. We love exploring and sharing nature in unique and empowering ways. Empower yourself by pushing your limits, but don’t forget to take in the beautiful landscape.

Aerial Adventure Park

The Empower Adventures sunset special includes our extreme aerial adventure park obstacle course and a tantalizing portion of our 5 star-rated zip line canopy tours. Our aerial adventure course includes leaps of faith, swinging logs, rope ladders, and much more. In order to get started on time to finish the courses and take in the breathtaking sunset view, you must arrive at our adventure park in Mobbly Bayou Preserve by 3:15 pm. We will start you out on either the aerial adventure park or one our zip line canopy tours at 3:45. Make sure you dress appropriately and come prepared to zip and climb and empower yourself under a beautiful setting sun.

Come On By Empower Adventures

Spots on Empower Adventures Sunset Special Canopy Tours are limited, so please call ahead. You can reach us at 813-448-5635 and reserve a place for you and your group. We require reservations due to the demand. Don’t hesitate! If you have any questions about our aerial adventure park or zip lines in Tampa Bay, contact Empower Adventures.