Anonymous Team Assessment Survey – Empower Adventures

An Empower Adventures facilitator will administer this anonymous survey to your team in the weeks leading up to your adventure team building program. This survey is sent out via digital link and allows each of your team members to rate (on a scale of 1 to 5) the way your team interacts with each other, trust levels, individual accountability, individual and team performance and more. The results of this survey are compiled and can be presented to the group. In some cases, they may not be presented but provided to team leadership only. In either case, the results of this survey are very useful in determining the right type of adventure team building program for your group.

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This anonymous survey can be very useful information for team leadership and can help you take the temperature of your team through an independent third party. Whether done by itself or in conjunction with an Empower Adventures team building program, this anonymous team assessment survey can be worth far more than the price.