SOAR – Empower Adventures

Guided Eco Zip Line Tour + Customized Ground Based Team Building

The SOAR package is a private and totally customized experience led by a professional team building expert and only available here at Empower Adventures Tampa Bay. This package allows you to bond with teammates and colleagues by providing an uplifting experience suitable for all ages and abilities! Facilitated by trained Empower Adventures Guides in the privacy of your own group setting, your co-workers and associates will feel on top of the world following this energizing program.

The SOAR package combines the aerial adventure elements of the Eco Zip Line Tour with a traditional ground-based team building component providing your group with every opportunity to build relationships, do something fun and unique outside and support one another in a safe and fun group setting!

For more information about the Eco Zip Line Tour click here.

A Customized Empower Adventures Experience

The ground-based team building challenges are customized for you by a trained Empower Adventures leadership facilitator. The activities are high-energy, group problem-solving initiatives that test your group’s ability to think outside the box, collaborate, communicate, trust, delegate and more. Based on your preferences, these activities can range from physically rigorous and demanding to less physical and more intellectual.

Additionally, we like to discuss goal setting (individually and collectively).  This exercise is also customized for your team and intended to parlay the excitement from your experience at Empower Adventures Tampa Bay into tangible improvements in the work space.

All group team building programs enjoy unlimited ice water throughout the day, ice towels at the conclusion of the Eco Zip Line Tour and a memento to remember your special Empower Adventures experience!