Empower Adventures Olympic style competition based on time

If the goal is to have fun with a friendly competition and just unwind out of the office, this aerial adventure park race is for you!

This Empower Adventures version of the Decathlon will have teams competing against one another in several different adventure events.  Each event will be timed and the fastest cumulative time at the end of all competitions will win the GOLD MEDAL.

Empower Adventures Competitions may include:  

Leap of Faith Relay: Each team provides 3 people to climb a 30′ pole one at a time, balance on top and jump off.  Once a team member lands, the next team member gets clipped in and climbs.  Time stops when the third person lands.

Pipeline: This timed event requires teams to transport various items across the pipeline while working together to negotiate the obstacles.  This high-energy, fast-paced race involves each member of the team.

Extreme Obstacles Relay: 3 to 5 people per team will race through an assigned leg of the Extreme Aerial Obstacles course at Empower Adventures. Legs of the race include a rope ladder climb, rickety bridge, log swing, multi-vine, hour glass and more.

Scavenger Hunt: The entire team will set out to find and snap a picture of several different landmarks and items scattered across Mobbly Bayou Wilderness Preserve.  This event is also timed and there are penalties for incorrect findings.

All group team building programs at Empower Adventures enjoy unlimited ice water throughout the day, ice towels at the conclusion of the Race and a memento to remember your special adventure!