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At Empower Adventures in Tampa Bay, Florida, we believe in helping move people beyond the limits they think they have. We don’t mean to say that all the obstacles you encounter at our aerial adventure park and canopy tours will intimidate you or scare you. Some might make you hesitate, but all of the obstacles and zip lines in our tree top adventure will ultimately excite you more than anything else. If you come here with friends, family, or a corporate team, your friends can encourage you as well. All in all, we built this park to inspire and empower. So check out what we have to offer to see if you might enjoy this experience.

What We Offer at Empower Adventures

Unlike many other free time activities, Empower Adventures in Tampa Bay focuses on enjoying nature, conquering fear, and empowering ourselves through adventure. We developed our tree top adventure park in the Mobbly Bayou Preserve to bring our adventurers closer to nature and to give them a way of experiencing the beauty of Florida in a way they never have before.

Zip Line Canopy Tour

A staple of the Empower Adventures offerings, our zip line canopy tour takes you to great heights and gives you the opportunity to soar over the most beautiful terrain in the Tampa Bay area. This park of zip lines in Florida offers nearly half a mile of wildlife to fly over on five different lines.

Extreme Zip Tour

A tree top adventure like no other, our extreme zip tour takes you to the same heights and speeds as the Empower Adventures zip line canopy tours, but our extreme offering includes the Empower aerial adventure park. Free fall from great heights, jump from poles, step across rope bridges, traverse log swings, and conquer even more trying obstacles in the aerial adventure park before or after taking in the scenery by zipping through the skies.

Moonlight Zip Tour

You get to experience the rush of air and the feeling of flying under the stars during our moonlight zip tours. We open our doors for moonlight zip lining every so often throughout the year, so just check our website to see when we will do so again next.

Youth Leadership & Development

All of us, even children, can use an empowering nudge in the direction of leadership and confidence. Kids love Empower Adventures programs that build leadership skills and help young adults and children explore their comfort zones in both cooperative and individual challenges on our aerial adventure park and zip lines.

Team Building

We also offer team building and corporate events. These adventures and challenges encourage your team members to trust one another and work together. They face challenges in a positive and stress-free environment. This allows teams to take confidence from the experience and carry this sense of accomplishment back into the workplace.

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If you want adventure and empowerment, we have everything you need. Find our contact form above and let us know what we can do for you. We only accept reservations, so please let us know when you plan on coming by. See you soon!

ZIP LINING: 423 Lafayette Blvd Oldsmar, FL 34677
OFFICE: 170A State St E Oldsmar, FL 34677