Empower Adventures exists to empower individuals and teams through adventure experiences. We seek to:

Improve the way individuals and teams lead themselves through challenge, adversity, fear and temptation

Inspire and motivate individuals to step outside of their comfort zones into their “stretch” zone – this is where greatness is born and a sense of purpose is discovered.

Provide moments of triumph, victory and accomplishment that results in an unstoppable force of momentum towards further achievement and confidence in oneself to overcome any obstacle.

Our Roots

Everything we do starts with Joe DeRing.  An American hero, Joe went from battle-hardened soldier to the inspiration and operator behind Empower Adventures. He finds joy in leadership skills training courses during his time in the military and combined these team-building experiences with zip lining in Florida. Joe formed a partnership with Dev Pathik, an owner and operator of more than 40 challenge and adventure courses, and Jason Clement, who provides oversight and consulting for sports complexes across the US. Together, this team of three created the Empower Adventures you see today.

What We Do

We are in the business of helping people improve themselves through adventure. We believe in you and we believe that we have a package that can truly improve the way you coach yourself through challenge and fear. Our Guides take great pride in facilitation this part of our experience and we will also believe that greatness starts with your mindset. We are here to help you overcome those fears and get rid of those negative thoughts. Our zip line course gives your the best opportunity to go out on a limb and find out how strong you truly are. In all of our packages, we put you in situations that might frighten you at first, but you have all the support you need to complete any challenges we ask of you. When you complete challenges and face fears in scenarios where you have nothing to lose, you gain an edge. You gain a belief in yourself that transforms your life into what is possible versus what is limiting. We hope you will leave our facility feeling energized and inspired and EMPOWERED!


If you believe you would fit perfectly in our culture of positivity, inclusiveness, and empowerment, then you can apply to join the Empower Adventures team. We love to add motivated people who believe integrity, positivity, and leadership matter.

Contact Empower Adventures

If you want to test yourself, gain confidence, and ultimately empower yourself for the better in a positive and fun environment, then Empower Adventures is the place for you. We have multiple zip lines that take you over the beautiful Mobbly Bayou, and we also offer paddle board tours and an aerial obstacle course. If you happen to live or pass through Tampa Bay, Florida, don’t hesitate to come on by. We’d love to have you.