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“Finding the location and meeting up were easy, we really liked the covered shelter, clean restrooms and parking area the park provides, it’s a great space to hold a before/after picnic or group gathering space. And the guys and guides really put us at ease and made us comfortable, giving us an Empowering pep talk, getting us situated into the harnesses and telling us what to expect. This event was way cool, something our more adventuresome guests would be interested in when they tire from hanging out on the beaches, and it will definitely be added to our list of ThingsToDo off the beach.”

Gary Hidu Bay Area Concierge Association March 30, 2016

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Enjoy Yourself at Empower Adventures Tampa Bay

At Empower Adventures in Tampa Bay, Florida, we believe in empowering everyone who walks through our door. We know zip lining in Florida is an awe-inspiring and an amazing experience, and we want you to enjoy yourself when you visit us, too. If you have a fear of heights or a fear of trying new things, you may think a zip line in Tampa might not be the right thing for you, but that’s not true. We designed our tree top adventure and canopy tours for everyone. Come give Empower Adventures Tampa Bay a try and empower yourself along the way.

A Tree Top Adventure for the Entire Family

If you are over the age of 7 and weigh more than 70 lbs, then our canopy tours are right for you. Our canopy adventure zip line tours take you through the Mobbly Bayou Wilderness Preserve in a unique way. You can see the preserved wilderness as birds do. Take your family or a group of friends. You will grow in confidence with each zip line you conquer. Few experiences bring people together like conquering fear and overcoming anxiety. Our zip line in Florida gives families, friends, and corporate teams the opportunity to face challenges together in a positive setting without the threat of consequences.

Extreme Aerial Obstacles & Team Building

If you want to further develop the bonds in your employees and create an environment of leadership, come to Empower Adventures Tampa Bay for your next corporate outing. Choose from a variety of different ground team building exercises and cooperative extreme aerial obstacles challenges. Or your team members can take a team assessment survey and we’ll build a program suited to your needs.

At Empower Adventures Tampa Bay, you will find a unique strategic planning seminar and practicum with our Partners in Success program. First, you and your team will spend the morning at Collaborative Labs in a 10,000 square foot technologically advanced meeting space. Collaborative Labs, a division of St. Petersburg College, teaches and develops organizational problem solving using interactive technology. After a learning strategic planning, your team will come on over to Empower Adventures Tampa Bay to test the newly acquired skills in real world scenarios.

Empower Adventures Tampa Bay Is a Place for Growth

A unique Oldsmar zip line course, tree top adventure, a paddleboard tour, leadership building, and team building all come together in one vibrant place. At Empower Adventures Tampa Bay, we mix fun, excitement, dedication, and development into one potent package. If you’re looking for something different with friends or family, call us. If you’re interested in helping your corporate team reach a new gear, let us know. Contact Empower Adventures Tampa Bay today to empower yourself and enjoy the beauty of nature in a way you will never forget.